Canora memorial project continues to expand

The Town of Canora will now have memorial trees, shrubs and perennials available for sponsorship in memory of loved ones.

Items can be submitted to Community Development Officer Brandi Zavislak at the Town office or by phone at 306-563-5574. The certificate will then be mailed to the family receiving the certificate, along with the location and date of planting. A large list of options will be available.

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The south and north intersections of Highway No. 9 and Highway No. 5 will be the first of many memorial garden locations for perennials, ornamental trees, row trees and shrubs, depending on the location. A similar secondary location will be the Lesia Statue area and there will be multiple locations for memory tree trails throughout Norway Road and Daniels Drive. The trees, perennials and shrubs will be planted two to three times a year and maintained by the Town of Canora. When purchasing a memory tree, the purchaser will receive a Memory Tree Certificate from the Town of Canora with the location and tree(s) type. Multiple amounts of trees, shrubs and perennials can be purchased. For example, a purchaser may buy a row of memory trees. Memory making signs will be placed throughout the gardens and trails.

“If you are wishing to sponsor a concrete flower pot in memory of a loved one, the flower pot will have a plaque permanently placed on the concrete pot. A certificate and location option will be given to the purchaser,” said Zavislak. Please contact her for more information regarding this community project for more information.