Canora Swimming Pool a hub of activity during Canora in Bloom

The Canora swimming pool played host to a number of fun events and activities during Canora in Bloom, said Kelly Bazuik, manager.

July 14 was the first day of free swimming. A total of 106 swimmers took part, with as many as 38 in the pool at the same time. Daily free swimming continued for the rest of the week with good numbers on most days, said Bazuik. The only significant exception was when it rained all day on July 19, but eight swimmers still showed up.

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On July 15, water polo instruction was available for two hours in the afternoon. Those who registered for the program took part in a variety of drills, including shooting and passing. Some were even brave enough to play goal. Later in the day a game was held pitting five children against five assistant lifeguards.

July 17 was the day of the pool party. The barbecue was sponsored by Canora swimming pool, Crossroads Credit Union and Gateway Co-op, and included hot dogs and cup cakes. The blow up water slide was a popular source of activity for many swimmers during the day.

Aaron Herriges, director of leisure services, said the forecast was for T-storms that afternoon, which nearly forced the cancellation of the event, but fortunately the weather improved and the day turned out to be very successful.

“The highest count we had in the pool at a time was 68 and I'm gong to estimate around 50 people were sitting on the lawn at the same time,” said Bazuik. “We ran a diving board competition for the kids and gave out water guns as prizes. Unfortunately, it began to thunder later on and we had to kick people out of the pool for safety reasons.”

A successful midnight swim was held on July 18 from 10 p.m. to midnight with over 30 people in the pool.

The free swims ran through July 21, the final day of Canora in Bloom.