Chilli lunch helps CIBC raise $2,000 for Run for the Cure

            The Canora branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) had another successful fundraiser for the recently completed Run for the Cure.

            “This year we made a little over $2,000,” said Elly Carlson, CIBC spokesperson.

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            Every year, the CIBC participates in various fundraising activities in order to donate to and promote the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s CIBC Run for the Cure. This year, the Canora branch of the CIBC raised money though donations, a chilli lunch, a silent auction, regular book sales, and Dress-Down Fridays.

            The chilli lunch, which is an annual fundraiser for the bank, is usually held outside the Canora branch’s location, but due to poor weather, was held inside on September 23. Hungry people gathered at the branch and purchased meal tickets, which entitled a customer to a cup of chilli, a bun, a glass of ice tea, and a dessert. Dessert selections included banana bread, butter tarts, puffed wheat cake, and marshmallow crispy squares.

            Proceeds from the meal went towards almost 35 per cent of the total funds raised for Run for the Cure.

            “We served 147 meals and that left us with proceeds of $693,” Carlson said.

            During the chilli lunch, a silent auction was also held, with people able to make bids on four different paintings, as well as a tea set. The auction ended September 30.

            Book sales also contributed to the funds raised for Run for the Cure. Used books were available at the CIBC office for people to purchase every day the office was open. Of course, the CIBC workers themselves also did their part in donating.

            “Once again, we added the dress-down funds to our fundraising total,” said Carlson. Dress-Down Friday was a special fundraiser that allowed workers to dress in casual clothes on Fridays so long as they made donations to the cause.

            The Canora branch of the CIBC does not have any members who are planning to attend the Run for the Cure event in Regina on October 2, but has still donated the funds towards the run, which raises money and awareness towards breast cancer research. Originally started in 1992, the event now has over 100,000 participants who raise over $20 million in 63 communities across Canada.

            This year will mark the 20th year of CIBC’s involvement with the event.

            “We are grateful to CIBC, their employees and clients for their longstanding support,” said a release from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.