Council moves ahead with plans for new swimming pool

Proceeding with plans to construct a new swimming pool and the airing of concerns regarding traffic on Mary Street were among the items of concern to town council at its regular meeting on September 15.

Council agreed to move forward with planning and construction of a new swimming pool facility to begin in September 2021 and be completed for the 2022 season.

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Amanda Bushell met with council via telephone to discuss her concerns regarding traffic on Mary Street.

Council accepted RH Electric’s bid of $9,178.50 plus taxes, for the installation of permanent electrical services to the LED winter lights at King George Park.

Council adopted the Asset Management Plan for storm sewer mains.

Council extended the lease agreement with Charanjit Shokar for the dental clinic until the terms of the original agreement regarding purchase of the building are met.

A bylaw to undertake water main replacements as a local improvement was introduced, read three times and adopted.

A bylaw to enter into an easement agreement, was introduced, read three times and adopted.