COVID-19 restrictions create opportunity to remedy issues at Activity Centre

Recently an investigation was initiated at the Canora Golf Course Activity Centre regarding concerns over animals gaining access to the crawl space from underneath the deck on the northeast corner of the building.

This problem seemed quite simple to start with, but escalated after further investigation, said Aaron Herriges, director of leisure services.

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“After discovering a seven-inch wide void under the grade beam, suspicions rose and it was then discovered that original construction did not include the proper grade product and backfill around building,” said Herriges. “There was no gravel or clay to be found anywhere around the building. Additionally, untreated plywood was used as a barrier for the black dirt backfill that was used. This plywood had decayed over time and left the entire perimeter of the building vulnerable for the dirt backfill to be washed underneath the building and that’s exactly what happened. Once animals gained access, they were quick to destroy insulation wrap around HVAC ducting, which is now being replaced.

On April 30, Town of Canora workers were busy repairing the perimeter ground work. A temporary solution will be constructed for access to the south side of the building. Discussions are underway to determine a permanent replacement of the patio that was removed. Herriges said the timing of this discovery may have been a blessing in disguise.

“If there was a year that this work had to happen, I’m glad it was this year. With the restrictions on golf operations, the deck was not going to be available to customers anyway.”

Herriges said preparations for the upcoming golf season are very different from previous years.    

“The Canora Golf and Country Club is busy working out an array of concerns and new operational challenges in regards to the new restrictions that have been set out by the Provincial Government due to Covid-19,” he said.

“The club recognizes that people are eager to get out on the course but would ask everyone to be patient and respectful of the added organizing that will have to happen this spring. More information on caution measures, procedures, and the opening date will available in the coming weeks. Although it is great to be able to open the course, the club projects a difficult year financially, so any additional support the public can provide would be greatly appreciated. It is encouraging that golfers continue to buy golf memberships in 2020 as Canora has some of the best rates around. We have a fantastic course in Canora that we want everyone to continue to enjoy.”