Local farmers support Canora PWOS core rider with crop donation

Shortly after the 2019 harvest got underway, Michael Zbeetneff of Canora contacted Kim Hladun of Canora, core rider with PWOS (Prairie Women on Snowmobiles) Mission 2020 and made a commitment to donate four swaths of canola to Hladun’s ride, in support of the PWOS ongoing battle against breast cancer. Zbeetneff and his wife Helga pledged two canola swaths each. After a lengthy delay, mainly due to wet weather, Hladun said Michael finally called her on October 20 with the good news that the canola was dry. She said she was eager to get on the field and harvest the crop.

“Even though it had been a few years since Kim had operated a combine, she did an excellent job,” said Michael. “The field yielded well at over 60 bushels per acre. I may have to hire her for next year’s harvest.”

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Zbeetneff said he and his wife decided to make the donation after hearing of a similar contribution made by Canora area farm couple Darcy Korol and Linda Banga to Hladun’s previous ride with PWOS Mission 2019.

Hladun said she is accepting further donations for PWOS Mission 2020. Her next fundraiser event will be the snowmobile run to Canora scheduled this Saturday, November 9. Funds raised support either the Canadian Cancer Society for research or the Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan for upgrading equipment for patients while they undergo treatment at either of the two facilities.