Parkland Music festival quickly approaching

            The Parkland Music Festival is coming in just less than three months and the deadline for entry is the end of January.

            "Lots of music students are preparing already," said Debbie Treen, one of the organizers of the annual festival.

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            The Festival gives students an opportunity to play for an expert in the field and have their work evaluated or praised, Treen said. "It’s a confidence and skill builder. It also gives students one more opportunity to play for an audience. The more opportunities to perform, the more confident and less nervous a performer becomes.

               "Piano students perform in categories (called classes) selected by age, or years of experience," said Treen. "This gives the beginner, no matter what his or her age, an opportunity to participate and do well. Some students will play duets with parents, siblings or friends. Students will choose pieces either from a list or will perform a piece of their own choosing.”

             Many genres are included: classical, jazz, swing or folk, to name a few, she said.  There are also classes for Canadian and Saskatchewan music.  There will be performance in piano, speech arts, vocal, guitar and band.  All sessions are open to the public and are very enjoyable and entertaining.

            The festival this year is scheduled to be hosted in Preeceville and Sturgis from March 26 to 31. Deadline for entries is January 31.  Forms are available from the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association website or from Anna Russell.