Permanent electrical services installed for park winter lights

Permanent electrical services were installed for the LED winter lights at King George Park in Canora on September 25.

Aaron Herriges, director of leisure services, said the installation of a number of 20 amp plugs throughout the park is another step toward “making our operations more sustainable now and into the future.

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“It will aid the community development department’s winter tree lighting,” said Herriges. “This allows the park’s walking paths to be cleared of snow without the risk of damaging power cords. By trenching in power we wanted to reduce the amount of cord usage. It will significantly cut down the annual workload to install the tree supply power. With the lack of wires in the snow, the park will be safer for the general public.”

Herriges said having easier access to power throughout the park will be beneficial for a variety of events or programs, opening the park to more possible uses in the future.