Town Council discusses golf course upgrades and requirements for municipal grant

Canora Golf and Country Club upgrades and requirements for a revenue sharing grant were among the items of concern for town council at its regular meeting on December 17.

Alissa Wilson and Reg King of Canora Golf and Country Club met with council to discuss a proposal for irrigation upgrades at the golf course.

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Council confirmed the municipality meets the following eligibility requirements to receive the Municipal Revenue Sharing grant:

  • Submission of the 2018 audited financial statement to the Ministry of Government Relations;
  • Submission of the 2019 Public Reporting on Municipal Waterworks to the Ministry of Government Relations;
  • In Good Standing with respect to the reporting and remittance of Education Property Taxes;
  • Adoption of a Council Procedures Bylaw;
  • Adoption of an Employee Code of Conduct; and
  • All members of council have filed and annually updated their Public Disclosure Statements, as required; and the chief administrative officer has been authorized to sign the Declaration of Eligibility and submit it to the Ministry of Government Relations.

Council agreed to provide the 1946 fire truck to Wally and Mary Huebert for display purposes, with the Town having first option of return should they no longer require it.

Council set the water and/or sewer line excavation and installation rate at $200 per foot plus material costs, effective January 1.

Council set the following rates for provision of services and/or information to the public:

  • Photocopying brought in @ 25 cents per side
  • Photocopying of misc. material from Town records @ 25 cents per side
  • Fax sending first page@ $2.00
  • Fax sending additional pages @ $1.00 each
  • Fax receiving @ $1.00/page
  • NSF cheques @ $35
  • Statement of taxes or assessment roll search @ $25
  • SAMA assessment property report @ $15
  • Compiled information (no other costs charged over and above fee) twice the wage of the person(s) compiling the information for every hour or part thereof it takes to compile the information; paid in advance.

GST and PST are to be included in the above rates.

Council reduced the amount of the town office petty cash fund to $250 effective January 1.

Council approved a municipal tax concession to Renegade Plumbing and Heating for the property located at 211 Main Street (Lot 6, Block 3, Plan G2107) as follows:

Purchase a commercial or industrial building or structure, vacant for more than one year, and operate a business there from provided it is an arms-length transaction:

  • 2020                50 per cent
  • 2021                50 per cent
  • 2022                25 per cent

Council adopted the Asset Management Plan for sidewalks and the Asset Management Plan for back lanes.

A bylaw to set garbage collection rates was introduced, read three times and adopted. This includes the rates to be charged for the collection, removal and disposal of wastes or refuse, and to provide for transferring any unpaid accounts to the tax roll:

  • Persons who own or occupy premises being serviced with the collection, removal or disposal of solid wastes or other refuse shall pay for such services, a service charge.
  • Accounts for collection, removal or disposal of solid waste or other refuse, shall cover a period of three successive months, and shall be rendered on or before the first day of the month next following such periods.
  • Any sum payable to the urban municipality for the collection, removal or disposal of solid wastes and other refuse that remains unpaid on December 31 of the year in which the sum became payable is to be added to, and thereby form part of the taxes on the land and buildings in respect of which the collection, removal or disposal is done.
  • This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on the January 1.