Finding ways to fit the void

When is a senior a senior?

This is an often asked question these days. It may be for a discount on a product or the big 65 so that one can collect OAS (Old Age Security).

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Let me ask this question from a different perspective.  I have heard many “younger” seniors saying. “I don’t want to be involved with those old folks. What am I going to do at the New Horizons Centre?”

On the other side of the coin, comments are made such as, “Well, I am too old for getting involved with senior events,” or “Wait until they get to be my age and we will see what they can do.”

Quite frankly, I like to surround myself with folks that fit the void. That includes people who say, “you are only as old as you think, or “I may not be as good as I once was but I am as good once as I ever was.”

I have been involved with the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association (SSFA) since I was 55 and haven’t regretted a moment.  I have worked on senior specific projects with many folks over 70 and have had a great time.  I have played cards at senior centres and have been amazed on how quick some players’ minds are well into their 80’s.  I have played competitive slo-pitch against an 80-year-old player who gets on base 70 per cent of the time.  What an inspiration!

I have also played with a good mix of players ages 55 to 70 years old on the same pickleball court and had a great time.

To me, the moral of this story is having some flexibility with the seniors you are involved with. There is a very good chance it will pay very good dividends.  Even at 55 years of age there have been some life experiences that allow good knowledge to be passed on.  Often seniors have a good sense of humour because they know the sun will come up the next morning and we need not sweat the small stuff.  That said, do not think that most seniors have become complacent about life. Quite to the contrary, they know life is special, having seen so many friends and family members already leave this world of ours. Often you will find that seniors regard time to be very special and quite frankly fill their days with plenty of activity.

So, take a little time and spend it with a senior.  Check your age, maybe you are in the void and don’t even know it.  If indeed you are, smile, it is a great place to be.