Town Council discusses bylaw enforcement and authorizes 2020 Grad sign

Concerns regarding bylaw enforcement and the authorization for a 2020 CCS Grad class sign were among the items of concern for town council at its regular meeting on May 19.

Al Babb, Cory O’Dell and Sylvia Sanderson all met with council via telephone to discuss bylaw enforcement in the community.

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Council authorized the Canora Composite School 2020 graduating class to post a sign on the frame in front of the town hall.

Council suspended its regular meeting and opened a public hearing regarding an amendment to the zoning bylaw that will increase the size limit for tarp structures on a residential property.

No personal or written representations were received.

Council closed the public hearing regarding the amendment to the zoning bylaw and resumed the regular council meeting.

A bylaw to amend the zoning bylaw was read a second and third time, and adopted.

A bylaw to enter into a landfill operator contract was introduced, read three times and adopted.

A bylaw to amend the zoning bylaw to add processing plants as a permitted use was introduced and read a first time.

Council will give public notice and hold a hearing before the bylaw can be passed.