First anniversary of the loss of STC buses

One year has passed so quickly since the Sask. Party completely destroyed bus service for the Saskatchewan people.

In Saskatchewan history, not one political party has made such a blunder as the Sask. Party did in destroying the bus service to save $26 million for a so-called subsidy to keep buses on the road. The Sask. Party passed the so-called savings of $26 million on to reduce taxes for corporations who needed even more financial breaks.

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In my opinion, Brad Wall (now semi-retired) and Joe Hargrave, Sask. Party MLA, must start up a bus service for Saskatchewan people. The Sask. Party is a strong believer in the private sector and should set up an example by practising what the Sask. Party preaches.

They need to get a network of buses back on the road at any cost.