Town of Sturgis meet the councillors

The new Town of Sturgis councillors were sworn into office at the first council meeting in November.

Don Olson is the mayor and the six councillors are: Jennifer Bayer, Daniel Wasylenchuk, Dale Bashforth, Perry Keller, Aileen Lubiniecki and Randy Sommerville.

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Jennifer Bayer has been on town council for eight years and brings a wealth of knowledge to council. "I been involved in the community for numerous years and enjoy seeing new ideas being brought to life in the community. Working on the community future development plan and to see the progress through the next few years will be very rewarding," said Bayer.

Wasylenchuk has been a councillor for four years and is looking forward to seeing the progression of the town in community development. " I would like to see more business growth developed in the next four years and encourage the younger generation to settle back into Sturgis," said Wasylenchuk.

Bashforth will be serving his second four-year term on council and felt that his first term was very successful, but there was not enough time to get some of the things he wanted to see done. "I would like to build on the business sector and work on the progress of encouraging new residences. We have a lot to offer within the community with a great scenic park that is located along the river and want to continue the improvement in the park," he said.

Keller has previously served on council for four years and will mark his second four-year term. "I want to see the Town of Sturgis remain a viable town with growth in the business and residence sectors. I am looking forward to working with council in improving and maintaining what we have," said Keller.

New to council is Randy Sommerville. Sommerville is looking forward to serving and working with council for the betterment of the community. He has been involved in the community for numerous years and been on varies boards and committees of many organizations. "I want to see the Sturgis Sports and Rodeo come back to the community and I am working towards making that event happen again," said Sommerville.

Aileen Lubienicki is also new to council and enjoys being part of making a difference in “the great community” she lives in. "I want to inspire the youth in our community to stay in the community. We need to stay united as a community and I would like to see more things developed for the youth to be involved in. I am looking forward to serving the community and working with council to strengthen what we have in the community," said Lubiniecki.